WEGA Community and Team Hub
(In Development)

The software aims to gather news data from numerous games by utilizing various APIs and store it in a centralized database. The stored news data will be presented in separate tabs, each corresponding to a specific game, ensuring a coherent and organized display. Additionally, a main tab named "WEGA" will be included to showcase club updates, events, and the progress of E-Sports teams. To enhance user experience, the system will implement a user hierarchy, granting regular users access to relevant game pages, while E-Sports players will have specialized access to their respective game's E-Sports news. The assignment of E-Sports roles will be managed by an administrator, allowing players to view match pages, monitor league progress, and track practice sessions. Furthermore, there are plans to implement a strategy book or guide, providing users with valuable insights to improve their gameplay and overall performance.

Phone Pomodoro Device
(In Development)

Device contains a weight sensor is integrated to track the presence of a phone or any object placed on it, ensuring the device's activation when needed. Users can easily customize their work and break intervals using dedicated buttons, allowing for seamless adjustments based on their preferences. Additionally, a number pad is provided for direct input, enabling users to override settings in case of unexpected interruptions during a pomodoro session. To keep users informed of the intervals and alarm system, LED lights and buzzers are incorporated, providing clear notifications. An LED screen displays all-time adjustments, the timer, and the alarm, offering a comprehensive overview of the current status. Furthermore, an ultrasonic sensor is utilized to detect and compare the initial and current user distance, preventing users from inadvertently leaving the area during their work or break sessions. This amalgamation of features creates a user-friendly and efficient device for optimized work and relaxation cycles.

EEG Sleep Tracking Device

In this project, a 3D printed EEG device was developed, featuring gold electrodes that are connected to an ADS1299EEGFE-PDK development board. The device was designed to implement the 10-20 system, allowing the collection of theoretical data during REM sleep cycles. To facilitate data processing and visualization, several Python packages, such as those handling filter design, FFT transformations, data formatting, and display, were employed. The development process was guided by Agile methodologies, ensuring efficient progress tracking and timely advancements.

Python3 | MATLAB | SciPy | Openpyxl | Matplotlab | PySimpleGUI | Onshape | Filter Design |

Course Selection Software

We developed a secure user registration and authorization system with an email verification process. To ensure security, real emails are required for user verification, and user credentials are stored using salt and encryption. Each session is tokenized with JWT tokens for added protection. Additionally, we created a user-friendly UI and a search engine that utilizes Express calls to display the user's desired search text and tags. The search results are presented in separate sections, showing course information and student reviews with a toggle option to add selected course(s) to their schedule. Furthermore, we implemented functions/services that enable users to write and publish reviews for selected courses, with administrators having the ability to manage all users and review user reviews before making them public for a particular course. The entire application was deployed on AWS and regularly updated using Nginx & PuTTY for efficient performance.

AngularJS | TypeScript | CSS3 | LowDB | HTML5 | AWS | Nginx | PuTTY | Express | Node

We developed a mobile-friendly web app for tracking garbage spots and promoting community efforts to reduce waste. Users can take pictures of litter, and the app will display them on a map based on the location. The AI identifies the type of garbage in the image. Users can also join or create cleaning parties to reduce waste impact with other community members. By taking action, users earn points that can be exchanged for prizes or gifts from vendors.

AnimeJS | Bootstrap | CSS3 | Flask | HTML5 | Keras | MapBox | Python | TensorFlow |

Lecture T-Ai

The software helps teachers create important questions for lectures. It automatically summarizes and generates relevant questions using key words. These questions can be used for quizzes, discussions, or study notes. The system is based on the study technique called 'Active Recall,' where answering questions while learning helps students remember and understand topics better.

AngularJS | Bootstrap | CSS3 | FFMPEG | Flask | GCloud | HTML5 | JavaScript | pydub | PyTorch | Transformers